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Mary-Anne Haupt owns and operates the Heaven On Earth Healing Arts Centre which provides holistic healing services in Reiki and Foot Reflexology in order to obtain optimal health and well-being for clients, as well as Reiki Certification Courses in the Usui, Karuna® and Blue Star methods. Axiatonal Re-alignment courses are also offered.

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Mary-Anne is a Registered Reiki Master/Teacher with the Canadian Reiki Association as well as an Affiliate Member of the International Center for Reiki Training. She received her certification and initiation in Usui, Blue Star and Karuna Reiki®, Axiatonal Re-Alignment, Magnified Healing and Spiritual Healing (1998-2000) from renowned Reiki Master, Rev. Donalda Loucks.
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Mary-Anne received her certification in Foot Reflexology (2000) with Mary Kay Perris from the Reflexology Association of Canada. Mary-Anne is an Ordained Minister, and she studied the Native Earth Ways with Carol Elaine Britton "Earth Heart Keeper" and graduated from the Rainbow Medicine Lodge of Arizona in 2004. Mary-Anne is a retired high school music teacher with over 30 years of experience in education, who now follows her passion for holistic health, alternative medicine and teaching in a variety of healing modalities.

She is currently training in Core Shamanic Healing through the Michael Harner Foundation of Shamanic Studies, thus adding another dimension to her healing practice. Her published, illustrated children's book entitled, "Finding Home - A Tale for Anyone Who Has Forgotten Their Way" teaches children to learn about their special gifts and talents by observing the natural world all around them. It is available on,, Google Books and for the I-pad as an e-book.

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