Animal Reiki Certification Courses


Info on Animal Reiki Treatments

  • Reasons for using Reiki on Animals
  • Informing the Animal's Person about Reiki
  • Permission for Treatment form
  • What to Expect from Animals during a session
  • Reiki for Certain Conditions
  • When to be careful when using Reiki
  • How to Approach animals
  • Length of a session
  • The use of Reiki on various species of animals
  • How to finish the Reiki session
  • Keeping Treatment Records

Animal Chakras and Healing Techniques

  • 8 Major chakras, 21 minor chakras, 6 bud chakras (illustrations and detailed discussion of location, function, purpose, imbalance, body area, crystal use)
  • Brachial and Bud Chakras - location and function in various animals; what this means for animal evolution and behaviour for cats/dogs/horses
  • Discuss the skin as the largest organ and how animals perceive touch
  • Other ways of using Reiki energy with animals (food, blankets, water, toys, etc)
  • Blood Cleansing Technique; Joint-to-joint Technique
  • Scanning to get rid of Negative Energy
  • Visualizations for Health & Happiness
  • Helping Animals as they prepare to cross-over
  • The use of a Clear Quartz crystal as a healing aid for animals
  • Colour therapy in Animal Reiki

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Additional Info Includes:

  • Animal Reiki Practitioner's Code of Ethics (from Kathleen Prasad)
  • Preparing Yourself to Give an Animal Reiki session & Follow-up treatment
  • Working in conjunction with other animal caregivers (vet, shelter)
  • Sensations you may Receive while giving Reiki to an Animal & What they Mean
  • Distant Healing Techniques (Beaming)
  • The Importance of Animal Communication
  • Reading List & DVD references
  • Disclaimer and Insurance forms available
  • CRA Qualifications for Animal Reiki Practitioners and Application Forms


  • COST $200 (Includes a detailed manual, certificate and reading list)
  • This course is open to Level 2 Reiki Practitioners & Reiki Masters ONLY.
  • NO animals will be treated during this course. Please do NOT bring your pets.

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