Axiatonal Re-Alignment Course

Humans have a field of subtle energy which is often referred to as the auric field, aura or etheric body. This energy is made up of emotional, spiritual and mental particles. We also have Axiatonal lines known as acupuncture or meridian lines, which are energy pathways that supply our physical bodies with vital energy. This energy extends from the ground, into the atmosphere and out into the universe. At one time our own Axiatonal lines were connected to the cosmic grid, however, over time we have become disconnected from these lines. There are a lot of different reasons why we could get disconnected from our energy field and get unbalanced and out of harmony. Stress, worry, emotional issues, physical injuries or conditions, MRI's, radiation, chemotherapy or surgeries are common reasons. 

An Axiatonal Re-Alignment is a simple yet powerful "tune up" of the energy system that works to re-connect and align the meridian lines of the body, to enable your energy system to function smoothly, and rejuvenates physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels of our being. An Axiatonal Re-Alignment session involves systematically accessing various "spin" points that lay along the meridian system and tracing the axiatonal lines to align the cosmic grid in the clients' energy field. An Axiatonal Re-Alignment treatment consists of a simple and effective energy method that is used on the client. Axiatonal lines are worked on, to correct blockages and imbalances on the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level. This method aligns one to the cosmic grid. The client lays fully clothed on a treatment table in a warm, relaxing and safe environment. 

This course teaches how to perform a treatment, which consists of three parts: 

  • Clears the Axiatonal lines of blocked energy, allowing for the free flow of (chi/prana) energy. 
  • Balances the right and left sides of the body and brain. 
  • Reconnects one to the Cosmic Grid. The Cosmic Grid is a specific kind of energy; it is something so common that it is around you all the time. It is the energy of Love.

It is a quick and easy way to get rejuvenated and feel that wonderful connectedness. When combined with a Reiki treatment, it feels more exhilarating than each on its own. Most people feel noticeably more energized and balanced long after the session is over. 

The Benefits of Axiatonal Re-Alignment 

  • Opens and aligns your meridian channels, and remove any blockages 
  • Balances your chakras and the polarity of your body 
  • Shields the energy system from negative energy 
  • Releases any physical, emotional or spiritual limitations 
  • Balances, centers and focuses your mind
  • Clearing negative emotional patterns
  • Deep relaxation and sense of well-being
  • Facilitate deeper meditation
  • Powerfully boosting the effects of other therapies such as Reiki, Massage
  • Improves physical mobility and mental alertness
  • Enhances your intuitive abilities
  • Helps to resolve issues through vivid dreams and memory flashbacks. It is natural, safe and benefits everyone. Whether you are looking for that spiritual connectedness, or just want to improve on your physical and mental agility, an Axiatonal Re-Alignment can benefit you.
  • COST: $200

Intensive One-day Axiatonal Re-Alignment Training Course includes a detailed manual and certificate.



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