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Spiritual counselling and mentoring offer support for those seeking more self awareness, emotional and mental healing, as well as greater spiritual soul growth. From a holistic perspective, this healing approach considers the entire Being, from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects. Spiritual counselling enables the client to know themselves at a deeper level, opening them up to understanding the thoughts, emotions, beliefs and actions of self and others, that have created the life they are currently experiencing.

Many people feel dissatisfaction in their lives; they feel “stuck” and do not know why. They feel there has to be more than what they are experiencing, yet they are unsure how to move towards living the life they dream of.

COST: $100
  • Sessions may vary in length according to the needs of the client.
  • First session is generally 2.5 – 3 hours, and includes a complete health case history.
Reiki session with Mary-Anne Haupt

By working through past traumas and experiences that have now become triggers in the present, and by becoming aware of when and why these triggers are surfacing, clients are assisted in accessing the tools needed to reframe and create a positive outcome of the current experience.

Clients will learn about the lessons we came here to learn, and understand the gifts of these past experiences as the soul’s way of bringing about change and greater clarity of one’s true life purpose.

Healing may consist of understanding the Shadow within us, Inner Child awareness and acceptance, becoming aware of the mirrors we are shown through others, and the roles they may play in understanding who we are.

The client is then invited to embrace and embody new ways to promote self esteem and balance in order to take back their internal, authentic power. Length of therapy is variable depending on the client’s needs, history, and where they are on their spiritual healing journey.

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